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The POD+ bottle and cap can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher (after removing the filter). The filter should NOT be cleaned in the dishwasher or with any other type of detergent. The filter can be rinsed under a running tap and the casing can be wiped with a wet cloth.

The POD+ is safe for reuse and extensive use for its intended purpose. We do not recommend exposing the POD+ to high heat or freezing. Like all repeat use food containers, it should be cleaned regularly to prevent bacterial growth.

The POD+ can hold 550ml of water with the filter in place. We are soon to introduce additional sizes.

The POD+ stands 20cm high with the cap closed and is 7.6cm wide. The bottle fits into most standard cup holders in cars.

Yes. The POD+ has a large 3cm opening to allow it to be easily filled with water. This also allows most standard ice cubes to fit through the opening.

The POD+ is designed to the highest standard using the best materials and manufacturing processes available and therefore it is very robust. However, it is not intended to be put under extreme physical stress. Cared for properly it will provide you with years of useful service.

No. The POD+ is cleverly designed not to leak. If the cap has been screwed down correctly and the cover closed with the button lock engaged, the bottle can be turned to any position without it leaking

Our test subjects consistently rated nkd POD+ above tap water as a preferred taste. Taste is subjective and it is worth bearing in mind that many bottled waters are just filtered tap water. We invite you to view our reviews on our website to see what others are saying about the nkd POD+.

There are many reasons why the POD+ is the best way to drink pure, clean, healthy water. To discover the array of features this unique product has please visit our features page on our website.

Every effort is made to ensure your chosen purchase is delivered on time. If you are not happy with your purchase, you may send it back to us within 7 days of receipt. The item(s) must be returned in the original product packaging and in unused and resalable condition. We will exchange or refund the purchase amount (minus any shipping costs).  Please note your statutory consumer rights are unaffected.

  • We will issue a credit to the card used at time of purchase for the original purchase price minus shipping cost within 7 days of receipt of product(s).
  • All accepted exchanges will be processed and shipped within 7 days of receipt.
  • If nkd LIFE is unable to accept the return/exchange, you will be notified by our customer service staff via email or phone.
  • Nkd LIFE is not responsible for returns/exchanges lost in transit. We highly recommend using a traceable shipping service.

Procedure for Returns

Please email [email protected] stating the receipt number, contact phone number and reason for return. If you wish to exchange please identify the product you wish to exchange with.

Our support team will reply back within 48 hours with instructions on what you need to do to help us process your request.

The POD+ carries a full one year warranty against manufacturing defects with your retailer. Users can also register their details here for the free lifetime warranty.


Occasionally, if the screw cap is not fully screwed into the bottle, and the lid is closed, it will prevent the button of being able to be pressed to release the lid. Please ensure that the screw cap is always fully closed before closing the lid. Should you encounter this situation it is very easy to rectify. Holding the bottle gently squeeze the top cap in the locations marked X in the picture below and press the button at the same time to release the lid.

The nkd POD+ is extensively designed not to leak. Used correctly it should not leak. If you notice water, most often than not it is because the screw cap is not correctly or firmly screwed into the bottle.

Should the screw cap become detached from the lid assembly it is very easy to fit it back into place. The screw cap can only clip back into place from the top of the lid assembly. Please watch the short demonstration video here

Due to the flexible design feature allowing a firm seal between the bottle and the silicon valve ring inside the screw cap, over tightening, may occasionally unseat the valve from its optimum position. This can often be easily rectified by holding the screwcap and gently pushing the silicon ring in the desired direction so it is realigned with the hole at the top of the bottle. Please DO NOT pinch and pull the valve flaps as they have been precision engineered to give maximum air flow and will damage if they are put under physical stress. Should this not resolve the problem, the silicon ring can be removed by using any flat tool like a flat blade screwdriver. Gently lift the silicon from the outer edge and then the whole ring can be removed by gently pulling it out from inside the screwcap. Once removed, position the valve to align with the hole and press firmly back into place. You may use a blunt object if necessary like the top of a pen to press the silicon into place around the centre hole.


Yes the POD+ is dishwasher safe. This includes the bottle, the screw cap, the lid and the outer silicone sleeve. The Filter however would become damaged in the dishwasher so it should NOT be put in a dishwasher it must be removed first.

No part of the POD+ or the filter is designed to be put into a microwave.

Before drinking from the POD+ it is important to thoroughly wash the bottle. Remember to remove the filter if you are going to place it in the dishwasher.

The POD+ is a perfect product for corporate branding. It looks stylish, promotes economy and environmental responsibility, and above all else good health and vitality for its users. Our corporate agents would be happy to discuss with how we can co-brand the the POD+ for you. Please email [email protected] or send your enquiry here .

We believe that clean safe water is a fundamental human right, regardless of where you live or financial circumstance. nkd LIFE movement aims to provide, drop for drop, clean water to those who are most vulnerable to being forced to drink contaminated water, often with deadly consequences. For every bottle or filter you purchase you will provide for yourself up to 175 litres of clean safe water. Your purchase will also provide the same 175 litres of clean safe water for those most desperately in need. Click here to learn more

At nkd we are driven by the requirements of our customers to be able to continually improve our products. We welcome all comments and feedback through the contact us page on our website.


The POD+ filter should be replaced every two months or after processing 175 litres of water (approx 300 refills). Please sign up for our free filter replacement reminder subscription on our website to ensure the quality of the water you drink is always at its best.

No. The POD+ filter is designed to be fully replaceable.

After 175L of use the effectiveness of the filter will begin to diminish and the flow rate of the water will begin to slow. The water will begin to taste like the source water used to fill the bottle. The maximum capacity is a guideline for use with lightly contaminated or tap water. Extensive use of the filter with heavily contaminated water will of course reduce the filter function capacity. Once the flow rate diminishes it is usually a good indication to replace the filter. In any case the filter should not be used after two months from activation.

If the filters are stored in a cool dry place, it is quite safe to buy extra filters and use them several months later.

To get the best quality water from the POD+ it is suggested to allow the filter to sit within the water for a few minutes. This will allow the filter to “supercharge” the water with a greater number of negative ions increasing the anti-oxidant properties of the water you drink. This is shown to help in combating the effects of ageing and assist in the prevention of disease.

No. The POD+ goes beyond other carbon filtering devices. The unique multi-layer material has an integrated filter process. On the outer layer’s bacteria, parasites and larger micron size particles are trapped or destroyed. In the inner layers, Viruses encounter a natural electrical charge, and they too are destroyed. Chlorine and heavy metals are removed by the carbon layer which also absorbs many other chemicals and toxins that may be present in the water. Finally, as the cleaned water reaches the core of the filter it is passes over natural magnesium beads which ionises the water making it healthier and taste lighter. The results make for clean and refreshing water.

The nkd POD+ filter is designed to be used exclusively with the POD+ and cannot be used with other bottles

The POD+ is a beautifully designed product which can function perfectly as a normal drinking bottle without the filter.

The filter is designed to be very easy to remove for the purposes of washing the bottle or replacing the filter.

  1. Unscrew the cap and remove the lid and filter away from the bottle
  2. Holding the screwcap unscrew the filter anti-clockwise to remove
  3. To replace screw the filter back into the cap clockwise. Please ensure the filter is firmly screwed back into place, without using excessive force.
  4. Fill the bottle with water and ensuring the screw cap is firmly screwed down into the bottle, drink and enjoy!

Activated carbon has been used for thousands of years to purify water. Carbon has the ability absorbing organic compounds such as benzine and chlorine. Using natural and renewable coconut shells as a carbon source, the shells are processed under high heat. The resulting carbon product which forms part of our filter is an extremely porous material. As the water passes through the carbon absorbs toxic organic compounds allowing the water to be cleansed.


All the plastics, silicone coverings, silicone seals and the complete filter unit are made from 100 % FDA approved food grade material and are completely safe to use All components have also been independently tested and certified to the stringent European BS EN 1186: 2002 and commission regulations 10/2011. (click here to view report) The POD+ is made from BPA, EA and AA free Tritan made by Eastman. This material is widely regarded as one of the safest plastics for use with food and water contact. Our proprietary filter system is made from the highest quality food grade polypropylene casing. The pleated material within the filter is state of the art non-woven cloth developed for NASA in the United States and fully FDA approved.

Hot water should not be run through the filter during use (max. 104F/40C ~ min. 37F/3C). We do not recommend freezing the POD+, but you can place it in the refrigerator. You should also avoid storing it in direct sunlight..

Yes. The POD+ is fully recyclable.

The POD+ is designed to be used with municipal tap water and other water sources such as rivers, lakes, rainwater etc. Although the POD+ operates with an extremely high level of contaminant removal, it is expected that the user would use sensible discretion when selecting a suitable water supply. 175L of filtration is the guideline provided for filtering water with low to moderate contaminants. Using the POD+ from sources containing extremely high levels of contaminants may significantly reduce the life of the POD+ filter.

The POD+ is designed to bring you the best quality water possible. It is NOT designed to be used with other liquids, colourings, flavourings or carbonated water. Doing so may damage the filter and reduce its effectiveness.

Many water bottles either have a removable cap which often gets lost or no cap at all. The POD+ has a button with a spring open lid. Once closed it protects the mouthpiece from external contamination. The clever design of the cone top allows comfortable drinking as it holds itself open without assistance. The whole process of drinking can be achieved as a one-handed operation with the mouthpiece never having to touch anything besides you mouth.

The POD+ is more than a basic filter, it cleans conditions and restores water to bring it back to how nature originally provided. Modern day water delivery systems are designed for convenience, often resulting in damaging waste of resources and the delivery of contaminated or ‘dead’ water. Please follow the link here to discover why using the nkd POD+ will provide you with some of the best quality water possible.

BPA, also known as Bisphenol-A, is a chemical that is commonly used to make polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Polycarbonate is the most common type of plastic used in clear water bottles. BPA has been linked to a variety of health issues, including cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The longer a liquid is kept in a container, the more BPA is leached into that liquid. If that container is old or the liquid is hot, even more BPA may leach into the liquid. As a company who promotes itself as being able to clean your water and deliver the best water available it only makes sense that all our bottles are completely BPA free.

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